Fresh aloe leaves - Folia Aloes arborescentis recentia
Description Aloe arborescens (genus Aloe) is one of the representatives of the Xanthorrhoeaceae family, known to most people
How to replace Linux with a cheaper one? 25 inexpensive analogues and substitutes, table with prices
Linex is a combination drug that normalizes intestinal microflora. The active ingredients of the drug are different types
Patient of Silicea
Silicea. Studying homeopathic remedies
The homeopathic medicine silicicum acidum (Silicea, Silicea, Silicea terra) is used to treat inflammatory diseases,
Food Sources of Vitamin B8
Vitamin B8 (Inositol, inositol, inositdroretinol)
Inositol (inositol)[edit | edit code] Inositol content in some foods Historical background[edit |
Ultrasound of the liver
Enlarged liver. Symptoms and treatment of liver hepatomegaly.
Mark Anatolyevich, what could be the reason for liver enlargement? - Actually, by itself
Endocrinologist: iodine in tablets after 40 years is dangerous for Amur residents / Iodine plays an important role in the human body; the functioning of the thyroid gland depends on it. A deficiency of this important microelement is very difficult to recognize at first; it can be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome. The person experiences lethargy, gets tired quickly, and is in a bad mood. And children lose interest in lessons at school and often experience difficulties in their studies.
Endocrinologist: iodine in tablets after 40 years is dangerous for Amur residents
Photo: koffkindom. ru Photo: koffkindom. ru — It’s been actively airing on TV for many years now.
Local treatment of purulent wounds
Ichthyol ointment: side effects, contraindications
Ichthyol - antiseptic Ichthyol (or ingammol, or in chemical terminology - ammonium bituminous sulfate
Nicorette, 1 mg/dose, 150 doses, dosed topical spray, mint flavor, 13.2 ml, 2 pcs.
Smoking and men's health Smoking directly affects erectile dysfunction and increases the risk of impotence
The role of glatiramer acetate in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Pharmacological properties of the drug Glatiramer acetate Acetic acid salt of synthetic polypeptides consisting of L-glutamine amino acid, L-alanine,
Chemical formula of D-Panthenol
"D-Panthenol Novatenol" - an expert in healing damaged skin
"D-Panthenol" from Hungarian is a drug that has earned the trust of consumers. At the beginning of 2021, “D-Panthenol” (ointment
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